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Old School vs New School

The kid is in town for over 2 months.

Project Zeus..... the goal is the make Matt a physical monster in every way for his pro bound bball journey.

Putting Matt through assessment day, there were a few key observations:

1) He’s very strong.... Man strong at 20 and in the top 15 percentile compared to most PRO athletes.

2) His endurance was slightly off, with the nervous system shutting down a little because of the intensity of the assessment workout.

3) His diet needs tightening up a bit to maximize progress.

4) With two a day workouts, recovery techniques are a MUST.

On the flipside.....

The kid kicked my ass in 3 shoulder exercises, triceps, and one back exercise.

I’m 50; he’s 20.

It doesn’t matter. There’s still a competitive fire in me.

I want Matt to completely surpass all perceived potential but not without his old man stealing some wins and showing how far I can take my own body.

He’s got age. I’ve got experience.

He’s got ego. I’ve got savvy and discipline.

It’s game on.

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