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Raise Your Standards

FACT: You will rise only to the level of your own self esteem.

People create self-imposed glass ceilings on their potential born out of doubt and insecurities. I see it all the time when I help people transform their bodies. Most will stop just before making that final breakthrough to a dream body.

Deeply rooted in their subconscious, falsely I will add, they don’t deserve to be what they are so close to becoming. They choose to be “beta” males, subordinates to the alphas they have come to look up to and in some cases idolize.

We put athletes, celebrities on a podium when in fact they are just human beings with strengths and weakness alike. In doing so, we believe we can never be “like them”. Look more critically at their lives and you will see many holes, weaknesses. They are just people.

I believe great things are possible.

I choose to work towards those possibilities. What do you choose to work towards?

Or are you just going to tune in to your championship game, eat the nachos and drink beer and live vicariously through someone else? #fitnessmotivation #beastmode #beast #fitnessjourney #transformationtuesday #elitetrainingcenternewmarket #ultimatemensplaybook

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