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Flex Friday 21 Strong Update

Flex Friday Day 12 of 21 Strong

Beach Metabolic Training.

Weekly accountability pic in.

Improvements thus far with 21 Strong:

Training: Workouts on non strength training days have more intentionality as I need to train for 30 min DAILY and get out of breathe. This has improved my cardio and helped me get leaner.

Food: eating has always been dialed in, only maybe a little more now with the goal of setting an example for others.

Water intake: probably the biggest change where I have optimized my water intake. Muscles look fuller and I’ve got less body pains.

Sleep: right on with sleep.

Mindset: 15 min of positive input but more importantly getting rid of media/news that doesn’t serve me has upped my productivity DRAMATICALLY.

Biggest game changers for me have been water intake and mindset improvements.

21 Strong.... a must do for EVERYONE. The first round will develop habits. The second round you will see a physique change. The third 21, a significant change in your body and health/performance. The fourth, on the Way to physique/health mastery.

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