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The BluePrint

BluePrint 72 Hrs

Right now the entire team I work with is in one of three modes: 

  1.  winning with consistent progress 

  2.  Moving forward albeit slowly 

  3.  Steady state no gain or slip 

This Blueprint message is a two-fold challenge: 

  1.  Find the one thing that has held you to a standstill each weekend and resolve to fix it. What is this one thing?

For me, the challenge has been with time prioritization of the workout. When you have all day to train and you will eventually “get to it”, but put it off until later, the workout loses its effectiveness. This is usually because you are tackling the workout with less energy and sometimes, the workout loses its intensity because the day has past and now, just getting some training in versus making incremental progress, is all that you can hope for. You’ve lowered your standards for the session. 

  1.  What one thing motivates you most to stay on target and score a 90+ this weekend? Let me know what that is. 

For me there’s a sense of satisfaction when I did exactly what I said I was going to do. This resolve and follow through makes me who I am.  I always follow through. I’m a machine. Nothing stops me.  I’ve lived with this positive self talk, this identity, for a long time. I can only be true to it by following through.  Your response means a lot to me. I’m here to help. Some of you have pressing issues, other things on your mind that put your fitness and health on the backburner. Trust me, I get it. At the same time, I know you are good enough to at least eat healthily and within your calorie range, put in some sort of workout, aim for a restful sleep, hydrate yourself, and keep a positive frame of mind. Do what’s necessary and then use the remaining energy to address the issues that you have in a manner that serves you versus feeding your story of why you can’t succeed and move forward. 

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