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Refuel Kings: The Numbers


To give you a better understanding of refuel day as it relates to calories: 

Weekly calorie allotment is 14000  - 15000 

Current status: Sunday to Friday - 10484

Saturday caloric allowance: 3516 - 4516 

Tom’s Guidelines: 

16000 Cals = Maintenance

15000 Cals = slight  decrease  body fat 

14000 Cals = small decrease body fat 

Exercise will also play a role in the numbers but all things the same, I need to make a caloric decision for Saturday based on: 

Current level of Leanness 

Physique goal

Athletic Performance 

Work output. 

Saturday total - 3500 Cals 

Overall goal is to set the example, day 6 into the 21Strong twenty one days of discipline. 

That, my friends, is some basic athletic nutrition accounting, only sharpened by fat calliper measurements to dial in progress.  

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