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Perfect Your Flexibility
Attain Your Flexibility Badges with Air Vert

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  • What is the Strength Badge?
    The Strength Badge at Air Vert is a prestigious acknowledgment of your prowess in building raw power, resilience, and muscle strength. It serves as a visual representation of your dedication to conquering new heights in your fitness journey.
  • Why is the Strength Badge Important?
    Boost Your Player Rating: Earning the Strength Badge is not just about lifting weights; it's about elevating your overall player rating. Showcase your strength achievements and witness a significant increase in your rating, reflecting your dedication to becoming a force to be reckoned with. Social Recognition: When you earn your Strength Badge, your accomplishments won't go unnoticed. We showcase your badge-worthy feats on our major social channels with a combined following of over 500k fitness enthusiasts. Your journey becomes an inspiration for others, and you become part of a thriving fitness community. Personalized Profile: Your Strength Badge becomes a permanent part of your player profile, telling the story of your journey and highlighting your strength achievements. It's a personalized showcase that adds depth and character to your fitness profile.
  • How do I Progress Through the Badges?
    How to Progress: Start at Bronze: Begin your journey by earning the Bronze Strength Badge. This level is designed for beginners, introducing you to fundamental strength-building exercises. Complete the challenges, witness your progress, and earn your first badge. Advance to Silver and Gold: As you master the basics, progress to the Silver and Gold levels. These tiers introduce more challenging workouts, pushing your limits and elevating your strength game. Each completion not only boosts your player rating but also unlocks new achievements. Strive for Platinum and Pro: The Platinum and Pro levels are reserved for elite strength enthusiasts. Conquer advanced workouts, surpass your personal bests, and achieve the pinnacle of strength mastery. Earn the highest player rating and set the standard for strength excellence.
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