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Gold Vertical Jump Pack Level 1: Elevate Your Jump Game


Elevate your jump game with our Gold Vertical Jump Pack Level 1—an introductory program meticulously designed for Bronze, Silver, and Gold badge holders. Crafted for those ready to enhance their vertical prowess, this pack is your initial step in building a superior vertical jump. Whether you're a determined Bronze member or a seasoned Gold enthusiast, Level 1 is tailored for individuals aiming to elevate their test standards and achieve an impressive vertical jump.


What's Included:

  • Progressive weightless workouts meticulously crafted for an introductory vertical jump enhancement.
  • Challenges strategically designed to build the foundation for an impressive vertical jump.
  • Clear guidance for your seamless transition towards advanced vertical jump levels.



  • Elevate your vertical jump with workouts designed for Bronze, Silver, and Gold members.
  • Tackle challenges that lay the foundation for a superior vertical jump.
  • Propel yourself towards achieving higher test standards for an impressive vertical jump.


Who is it for?

  • Individuals at any vertical jump level, from Bronze to Gold, ready to embark on a comprehensive jump enhancement journey.
  • Enthusiasts aiming to achieve an impressive vertical jump and solidify their position among jump enthusiasts.


Elevate your jump game. The Gold Vertical Jump Pack Level 1 is your introductory guide, propelling you from Bronze to Gold levels of vertical jump enhancement. Whether you're just starting or are already a seasoned Gold member, this pack is your key to achieving higher test standards and solidifying your position among jump enthusiasts. Take the first step towards mastering your vertical jump!

Gold Vertical Jump Pack Level 1

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