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Gold Strength Pack Level 2: Advance Your Power


For those who have conquered Gold Level 1 and are reaching for greater strength heights, our Gold Strength Pack Level 2 is your next step. This program is meticulously crafted for Bronze, Silver and Gold members aiming to amplify their power and ascend towards the silver, gold and Platinum pinnacle.


What's Included:
- Progressive weightless workouts designed for advancing strength.
- Elevated challenges building on the foundation of Gold Level 1.
- Your seamless transition towards Platinum with clear guidance.


- Progress to higher Gold levels with intensified workouts.
- Bridge the gap to Silver, Gold & Platinum Strength badges with purposeful exercises.
- Propel yourself towards the prestigious Silver, Gold or Platinum Strength Badges depending on your test results.


Who is it for?
- Bronze, Silver and Gold members ready to escalate their strength journey.
- Individuals eyeing the Platinum tier, following completion of Gold Level 1.

Continue your journey to elite strength. The Gold Strength Pack Level 2 is your dedicated path to Silver, Gold or Platinum Badges. Advance your power and step closer to achieving the a higher player rating, and increasing your test scores.

Gold Strength Pack Level 2

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