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Triple 20

Tactical Tuesday 

Maximum score in a round of darts is 180 from three throws. How do you achieve this top score? Three Consecutive throws in the triple 20 ring. 

I created the 5 criteria with a 10 point value associated with each to quantify one’s pursuit towards optimal health:

Sleep - 10

Water - 10

Daily Nutrition - 10

Exercise - 10

Mindset - 10 

Instead of three darts, you have 5. You have a target to shoot toward. Hit your ”20’s”.

Its not good enough to just throw at the board. There needs to be intent. With intent and practice comes proficiency and results.

In today’s times you may be one of 4 people:

Type 1: The Pro

Focussed, looking to score top points.

You know your macros for The day, the amount of water you need to consume, you are rested, put your workout in and keep a growth mindset.

Type 2: The Hobbyist

As it applies to darts you are saying “I’ve got a dartboard? I’m throwing the darts at the target? Can’t you see? Look I hit the bullseye that last shot. Never mind the two shots that didn’t even hit the board“

You play the game of fitness. You don‘t own your game (of life) yet and it will catch up to you. Don’t kid yourself. You won’t get results this way.

Type 3: The Priority Shifter

Work took precedence. Can’t you see how busy I am? Look at the list of things I got done today? This strategy is classic intellectual avoidance at its best. We can rationalize anything to best suit our situation and have a “solid” leg to stand on.

Type 4: Pandemic Mode

You lower your expectations because “nobody” is doing anything these days other than surviving. In the face of a health threatening pandemic, strengthening your body and mind as well as your immune system SHOULD be at the top of your list. Trust me, wearing a mask in public is not going to deflect the obesity, poor eating habits and lack of lung health you may be suffering from.

Questions for you:

What type are you?

What’s your daily score?

Ultimately why is this important?

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