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The Weekend

Weekend around the corner.

What does the weekend mean to you? 

Is it an escape from the reality of the week? If so, how do you change that? 

Is it a chance to recuperate from the craziness that is the rat race? How do you get out of that so called rat race? 

Is it family time or quality time with friends? How do you enhance the experience without the use of food or spirits?

I make the most of my days.... always. At almost 50, with a new lease on life, I appreciate more than ever the days I have ahead of me, and most importantly THE PRESENT. 

With that, every Thursday night I plan for the weekend with BluePrint 72, the next 72 hours. 

I maximize the weekend because for the longest time, That was time I didn’t owe my job. It was my time. With that came a balance of fun and responsibility. 

What does your weekend look like In terms of: 

1. food 

2. Water intake 

3. Training 

4. Sleep 

5. Personal Development. 

How do you win the long game of personal development, pride in yourself and your body and fulfillment while enjoying the highlights the weekend brings? 

Questions..... they deserve your best answers. 

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