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Refuel Kings

Saturday Refuel.

Never a cheat meal.

You don’t cheat or hack a diet.

It’s not a reward.

We are not dogs.

After you’ve put in work throughout the week and you’ve emptied the proverbial tank, it’s refuel time. Always EARNED.

Cheat meals are reserved for Super Bowl Sunday or a Saturday afternoon ball game where you get your beer and nachos and eat like a pig while you WATCH pro athletes perform, living vicariously through the athlete who’s shirt you wear..... not wondering what your wife or girlfriend thinks when she looks at the belly fat hanging over your pants, and then at the athletic dude, who’s shirt her “man” is wearing. 😉

Yes you’ve cheated on your training and now you are using the weekend as an escape from reality.

I make no apologies when I say that’s pretty sad.

Happy Saturday to the men who have their shit together.

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