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Promises to Keep

Integrity to Yourself.

Keep the promises you make to yourself, always.

If you said you were going to work out today, then it’s a must no matter what. If you planned a healthy dinner for the night and your friend invites you out for pizza, stick with your original plan. If you said you were going to lock down at 2000 calories for the day, then the bite of the cookie is not an option. Most people can’t even trust themselves anymore let alone trust others because they have made promises in the past and let themselves down time and time again. Your brain registers that you were a quitter before and that label permeates itself. The only way out of this negative pattern is the small wins daily in the department of self made promises. The small wins add up. You begin redeeming yourself and regaining your confidence. #fitnessmotivation #elite #success #successmindset #elitetrainingcenter #ultimatemensplaybook #elite #gym #fit40

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