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Know Your Macros

Know your macros.

Your ability to stick to a plan and see noticeable results will depend on your food intake, your conditioning plan, adequate recovery and your ability to deal with everyday life in a proactive way.

From a food standpoint, the critical factors when looking at body re-composition are:

1. Caloric intake.

If you know your exact caloric intake for the desired outcome you choose and stick with it consistently for weeks, without compromise, you will see changes.

2.  Protein.

Nail down your protein intake daily and you will repair your body and remain satiated throughout the day.

3.  Carbs and Fats are important but take a secondary importance to the top two factors in terms of energy sources and intake of vitamins and minerals among other things.

With these points in mind, food selection and preparation become game changers.... this chart helps the process.

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