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Ali would talk about being the greatest. Tyson Fury believed he was the lineal champion destined to knock out Wilder. Elon Musk put into mass production an electric vehicle when we should have had electric vehicles 40 years ago. He believed in himself and his identity as a revolutionary, a game changer.

Does your identity serve you or hurt you?

Do you see yourself in a way that is empowering or do you look in your own mirror with doubt?

I wasn’t supposed to make it. My dad was addicted to everything from gambling to cigarettes, alcohol to pain killers. I saw it all. The desperation, the anger, the embarrassment, the shame.

Growing up, I was possessed on being my best to at least honour a family name that was tarnished by addiction.

My identity?

To be the best Dad ever, to be an unshakable example of what is possible for my kids. To be in peak shape, ALWAYS. To serve people and give them more than I get back in ALL relationships.

Making a difference and leaving a legacy.....

Once you have chosen your new identity, EVERY action, EVERY thing you do in a day is in accordance with that identity, to the best of your ability.

Do this and you will shape a life most meaningful to you and the loved ones around you.

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