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Gorilla Strength

I sold all of my heavy iron equipment May 15 2020. 8 months of training with JUST exercise bands, people were saying I would destroy my physique.

“You can’t build muscle with bands”

“You will lose your size”

Watch what happens. 34 years of training......

I know me. I trust me.

Lifetime drug free, you have to be the most calculated man on the planet at 50 to pull off results.

The sleep had to be anabolic. I had to eliminate stress. I needed to drink my water. My food had to be completely on point from a macro and micro standpoint and the training had to be progressive and strategic.

I developed the Gorilla Strength Training plan and continue to refine it. The program is the best on the planet for results, especially during these times, with minimal equipment.

Now what if you take a 20 year old man and put him through the program. What are the possibilities for him?

We will find out shortly, as my son is flying to Costa Rica today to stay with me for 2 months.

We are putting him through training the likes of which he has never seen. It’s payback time Matt. Lol.

Stay tuned! More to come.

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