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Solutions over problems always.

Positive events of your past serve as examples, points of reference that you CAN do great things.

Nothing more.

FEW care to hear about when you WERE a great athlete 25 years ago back in high school.

Negative events should be flushed forever after learning from them.

Those who hold on to their negative past do so for either sympathy from others or as an excuse to justify their lack of courage or action in the present.

People listening to your negative story listen because they are held captive in the moment, too respectful to cut you off and say “move on already” or worse, they are waiting for their turn to tell you their sad story in commiseration. RUN FROM THIS.

ALL energy now goes into savouring the present, drawing meaning From it AND designing your FUTURE..... building something empowering and working toward it One day at a time.

This coming weekend:

what are the 2 meaningful highlights you are looking to create?

What 5 actions move you forward towards a compelling future?

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