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Your weekend routine is usually a significant shift from your weekday routine. While it would be ideal to align the two, the reality is, Friday night to Sunday night is in fact very different. 

That’s fine. 

What’s most important is that there is some sort of plan for the weekend to keep with your plan.  

Write out the plan. 

Post it. 

Plan accordingly to make sure your critical tasks are done. 

Allow for some flex time as long as it serves the overall plan. 

Be accountable by sharing your plan. 

What’s your plan this weekend? 

Here’s mine: 


Friday night - lightly breaded chicken breasts with side of rice and salad 

Saturday -

Standard lean bacon and egg  breakfast 

Dinner - beef tacos and salad, plantain, fudge bars, popcorn  

No lunch. 

Sunday. Standard breakfast but later in day. 

Dinner - grilled chicken souvlaki, rice and beans and salad. 


Friday - upper body, pool workout, 10000 step beach

Saturday - Off. Pool workout and hike 

Sunday - Lower body workout. Pool and hike 

Water: water increased. Remain consistent and increase water according to temp and perspiration 

Sleep: standard bed time and wake up for all three days. 7 hrs sleep. 

Mindset: develop video platform for business 

Fun time with family 

Reach out to all of family 

Week’s end score will be higher than last week. Targeting 86-90. Water is being forced down. It’s the only thing keeping me from a higher score. 

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