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Better with Time

Better....Not Older.

I’ve maintained the same physique for 10 years now moving towards 50 this December.

Maintaining a super lean muscular physique has been easy.

Super genetics? Absolutely not.

Incredible work ethic? Not true.

Consistency. That’s the “secret”

14000-15000 calories per week NO MATTER WHAT.

Big Saturday food refuel EVERY week.

10-12 glasses of water daily

7 hrs sleep daily.

30 minutes of vigorous training DAILY, no matter what, sick or not sick. Injured or not injured.

15 minutes of positive mindset intake (podcast, book, coaching) daily.

I have an identity that works for me:

“ I am a machine. Nothing stops me”

I’m terrified of losing what I’ve built, so I NEVER compromise.

I ALWAYS address emotions and problems maturely, looking for solutions versus masking the emotions with food.

I walk my own path and make my own decisions choosing to always question vs following the sheep.

I trust me and my confidence is unshakable.

I’ve seen too many posts where dudes spew their baggage to seem relatable and share their vulnerabilities to the people they are trying to reach out to. I save that for my inner circle, the same inner circle that knows I will always be a rock in good times and bad.

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