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21 Days of focussed discipline.

3 weeks of complete commitment to 5 daily tasks.

Here’s the Rules:

1. 30 minute vigorous workout. It can be any type of training that gets you out of breathe at various points of the session.

2. Daily food discipline. You have your meals planned out and you execute on your plan, with a caloric total that meets your goals and high nutrient foods making up most of your calories.

3. 6-7 hrs of quality sleep. In bed at a regular time and no sleeping in.

4. 10-12 Cups of water daily spread through the day.

5. 15 minutes of motivational content in the form of a book, podcast, webinar, coaching in any area that helps make you perform better or think better.

21 straight days. If you miss any one thing, you have to start over again.

You need to post a progress pic on #21strong every weekend.

You need to publicly let people know you are doing 21 strong. They may join you or even mock you, giving you fuel to succeed

Podcast tomorrow to explain 21 Strong. 21 Strong is not a brand. It’s a personal challenge. Use any quality program that best suits you.

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