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About the Ultimate Playoffs

The Inaugural Ultimate Men's Fitness League Playoffs begins this Winter.

The 8 week regular season produced by fitness coach to celebrities, pro athletes and fitness minded people alike, Tom Kiat will offer everyday people the chance to compete in the first online head to head fitness league of its kind designed to test their discipline, focus and commitment, getting into peak physical shape similar to the 8 week athletic training camp you see in most high level amateur and professional sports. The 16 man competition breaks down into 5 categories:

  • Daily Food Discipline

  • Daily Workout Training

  • Daily Weigh Ins

  • Weekly Scorecard (Food, Training, Water, Sleep, Mindset)

  • Transformation photos

Athletes will be scored weekly with results tracked on Leaderboards to determine the League Champion at the end of the Playoffs.  Athletes will also Interact with media on a regular basis to share their insights and have a voice over the course of 8 gruelling weeks. This will be your platform to express yourself and let everyone know what you are all about.

Athletes will be free to choose any mode of training, nutrition and strategies they desire to achieve results as there is no one way to achieve the ultimate transformation.  However, there will be pro level tips, coaching and support for everyone.  While this is an individual competition, the support, camaraderie and brotherhood during this competition will be through the roof.  Someone will be the alpha in the group, and the competitive fire it brings will step up everyone's game.

The Ultimate Playoffs Champion will be the athlete with the best focus, the toughest mindset, the most consistent discipline in spite of any challenges that come his way.   Are you the Ultimate Athlete?

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