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People will call you lucky.  They don't see the hours you put in.  They don't see the daily grind.  They don't see the vision.  They only compare your success to their lack of commitment.

Of course they are going to knock you.  They will find a way to put you down to make themselves feel better.  That's human nature.  "He was lucky". 


Just enjoy the game. Take those shots. Stop worrying so much about being judged.


What are you doing out there to make yourself stand out, to make a difference, to help others out?

That's what you could be doing to make moves that will better yourself and those around you.

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A  lot of you worry about getting criticized by others for this part of your game or that part of your game.  I'm not the best at any category but I do take my weaknesses and work on them to become better and I work on my strengths as well to make them better too.  I'm not too hard on myself.  I just try to be the best that I can be.


The problem is most people are so afraid to fail that they never put themselves in a position to grow.  Then when they lose they don't have the courage to get back up.  This is where I ALWAYS get up, learn from defeat and go in harder.

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Whenever I play, I want to guard the toughest guys, I want to try my skills against the best defensive player, I want the ball for the game winning shot.  No fear.  You want success? You need to put yourself in those situations.                                                                           - MK

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People never see the countless hours I put in working on my explosiveness, my conditioning, my technique, my shot, my dribbling, my footwork.  

Instead they say, you are genetically gifted.  If I were genetically gifted I'd be in the NBA right now.                 - MK

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I've lost games and I've won games... 

One thing I never did was give up.  We might have been down by 18 points with minutes to go but I wasn't going to let the team celebrate like we were some kind of a joke.  I wanted them to know that the next time we played them, I was going to F**k them up. I played down to the dying seconds.                    - MK

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