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Quick Lunch Take Out

Quick Dinner Take Out

As you know, I'm always on the go.  Getting a wrap made or purchasing one makes life easier for me.

I get a medium sized wrap, grilled chicken, 1/2 cup of rice, some bacon sometimes or sometimes some beans in it depending on if I'm getting the food from a Mexican place or not.

I add some vegetables in there and I go light on the dressing or just ask for hot sauce. 

When I'm on the run I will usually order something quickly through take out.

Instead of something unhealthy I try to stick with some chicken and a baked potato with bread on the side. 

A bit of dipping sauce adds to the flavor while keeping the calories down.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt with Almonds

Healthy snacks.  It's easy.

Get yourself your favourite Greek Yogurt.  Why Greek? It's higher in protein and tastes good.

Add some almonds into it.  

If you don't like almonds, add granola, fruit, whatever you like.

The mixed taste is sweet and it's simple to prepare.


Turkey Burger with Side Salad

Teryaki Chicken & Broccoli

For dinner I will sometimes have a turkey burger to keep things lean, with ground turkey instead of ground beef.  Sometimes you can buy these patties in the grocery store but usually you have to mix it yourself.  

The bun gives you some good carbs.

Easy on the toppings, cheese is ok as are vegetables.

What you want to be careful with is adding a lot of mayo to this sort of meal

Have a side salad instead of fries.  It will be the fries that bust you.  Make the better choice.

My quick lunch, prepared the day before.

Grilled Chicken

Teryaki Sauce


I have about 8 oz of chicken here for repair and lots of broccoli, as much as I want.

The greens are good for me and the protein rebuilds my body.

Because this is light in calories I can add some carbs like bread or rice or a fruit if I feel like my energy is low.

oatmeal medley.jpeg


After a tough workout or as an evening snack to get my protein up, I will make myself a smoothie often

2 Packages of Oatmeal

1 Egg



This breakfast is packed with all of the energy I need to start my day right.  It's filling and tastes really good.  Use the instant pack and mix the egg in, then microwave if you are not great at cooking. Then add the almonds and raisins in afterwards.

berry protein smoothie.jpeg


After a tough workout or as an evening snack to get my protein up, I will make myself a smoothie often

1 Cup Berries

1 Cup Ice

1 Scoop Whey Powder

1/2 Cup Greek Yogurt

This allows me to get some healthy antioxidants into my body as well as the necessary protein to repair my body after tough workouts, a long day, or game day.



Here's what I eat either pre game or post game.  

2 Cups whole wheat pasta

Grilled Chicken


Marinara Sauce

I do this to get some necessary carbs in my system because I burn a lot of calories with my high intensity play, both on defence and on offence. I also consider eating this type of meal after one of my games because I am pretty depleted after a game and need to replenish my glycogen stores with carbs and some protein.

Roast-beef sandwich.jpeg


A simple sandwich for lunch.  It is so much easier for me to just go to Subway to buy this sandwich.  I don't. I make it.  Here's the reason.  If you are not disciplined enough to learn how to make your own sandwich and then just do it, you are probably not disciplined to do what it takes to jump higher, be a better version of you, to win regularly in life.  

I start by making sure these ingredients are in the house.  If you don't do the shopping in the house, ask whoever does to buy these ingredients:


A good serving of lean roast beef cold cuts

Onions and peppers if you like them



Light dressing

Cheese is optional

Make your lunch and if you are travelling, make sure you store it in a cold container to keep it fresh.

This meal gives me the protein I need and healthy carbs and fat.



Some of you wake up wanting to dunk on someone or get a more athletic body but you don't even start the day right with proper fuel to get you right for the day.

This is one of my go to meals.

4 slices of lean bacon

4 eggs

A slice of toast

Sometimes some avocado to put on my toast

I start with good quality protein to build my body, some carbs to fuel me to my next meal and healthy fats to give my body what it needs. 

When you fuel your body for breakfast, think of it like a sports car. Only premium fuel.

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