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Strategics definition:  n. - the science or art of strategy

Think of the 72 hours comprising of Friday through Sunday as a micro-week, to be separated and addressed strategically so as to best succeed with your plan of optimal performance, improvement to your body and incredible health.

Drop us a line to order the B72 Strategics Guide and share the biggest challenges you have with the weekend so we can best guide you. 

Your BluePrint  72 Hours, should focus around 5 Key Areas:

  1. Finishing the week strongly

  2. Beginning the following week most effectively

  3.  Recharging from the week before

  4. Creating meaningful highlights with significant people in your life

  5. Personal Reflection/Development time

The BluePrint 72 Strategics Guide focusses on:

  • How to address Friday and particularly Friday night and turn it from an "escape night via food" to a more productive start to your weekend

  • How to optimize Saturday so that you can strategically refuel (have some fun surplus calories), using this refuel as a reset tool for you both psychologically and physiologically

  • The use of intermittent fasting as a physiologically tool

  • How to treat Sunday from a food perspective

  • How to treat Sunday from a planning perspective

  • How to use the weekend as a way to create some massive momentum towards an amazing overall transformation.  

  • The Mindset used by top performers to turn weekends from an escape to the most productive days of the week.

  • How to recharge and renew your body for the upcoming week.

Win your weekends and you completely set yourself apart form the average person and a life of mediocrity.

Cost: $10 USD

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