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So many out there have the will to win, to do great things. All they need is a push, a platform to test their abilities, to test their own resolve, to compete against others.  

The Ultimate Men's Fitness League Playoffs is your platform to show everybody who you are and what makes you unique.  Here's what we are looking for in our candidates:

  • You are serious about giving your best over 8 consistent weeks

  • You follow through on your commitment

  • You can handle a bit of media attention that your progress will bring

  • You like testing yourself and competing against others

  • You believe you have what it takes to contend

If this is you, send in your introductory application for our review.  We will get back to you if you qualify.  There is no cost to apply but once you are accepted to compete, there will be a $30 USD administrative cost to compete.  All competitors will receive a complimentary The Ultimate Men's Playbook ebook and a chance to win the Championship Belt at the end of the season.  For more details, check out the Finals page of the site.

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